GemGuide Pricing Demo

This is a demonstration of the GemGuide Pricing Application for both PC and Mobile Devices.

To view the new GemGuide web based pricing, open up your favorite web browser and type in in the address bar.On the GemGuide homepage, in the upper right hand corner, will be a button for subscriber login. Click on this button, and then enter your credentials on the login screen. You can use the lost password feature to create a new password.

After logging in, you return to the GemGuide homepage, and will see your username in the upper right hand corner.

To proceed to pricing, mouse over the purple “The GemGuide” button, and then select direct to pricing from the drop down. This will bring up the GemGuide pricing grids. Colored Gemstones, Diamonds, Opals, Pearl Strands, Pearls and Colored Diamonds. If it is your first time using the pricing, click on Get Database.

Let’s look at the diamond grid. Scroll down and click on round. This will bring up the one carat chart. By using the forward or back arrows, you can go to higher or lower carat weights. The end arrows take you to the last chart or largest carat size we price, or to the smallest carat size we price for a specific shape. Or, you can simply type in the carat weight, and that specific size chart will come up for you.

Once in the table or chart itself, you can click on a specific color, a specific clarity, or on a specific price. The various color zoning helps you read and locate the price you are looking for.

There is a section labeled NOTES. This information is provided for additional price increases for diamonds in the premium sizes such as 1.20 carats or 1.70 carats. Locate the size adjustment if necessary. This will be a manual price calculation based on the guidelines.

Now, click on the home button to go back to the main screen. Let’s go into colored stones. Select a colored stone, such as blue sapphire. Here you will see the entire grid. You can highlight a column, a row, or an individual cell just like in diamonds. Click on “Gem Info” to get relevant gem information, or click on Shape/Quality/Price correlation charts for other price adjustments.

Going back to the main screen, you can also type in the name of an individual gemstone, such as Tanzanite. This will bring you direct to that pricing grid.

The back arrow on the left, brings you back one screen, while the house button on the right brings you to the main application of gem pricing. By clicking on the logo in the center, you will be directed back to the Gemworld homepage.