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Our independence and more than 30 years of supplying prices to the industry has made this a reliable benchmark standard for independent, market-driven, accurate wholesale pricing. Used in legal cases worldwide. The GemGuide will make your business more profitable as you buy, sell, and appraise with confidence. Published bimonthly with additional online pricing updates whenever market volatility warrants changes.


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  • Diamonds

    Major shapes with individual pricing grids for round, pear, emerald, princess.
    Other shapes appear in the online version included with your Digital or Unlimited Subscriptions.
    Melee, baguette and trillion shapes.
    Old European cuts.
    Natural fancy color yellow, champagne, blue, and pink.
    Synthetic and treated diamond prices.


  • Colored Gemstones

    More than 70 varieties of gems including major and lesser known gem varieties.
    Extended comprehensive price charts for ruby, sapphire, and emerald.
    Prices in all gems from commercial to extra fine qualities.


  • Pearls

    Japanese cultured
    Chinese freshwater
    Tahitian black
    South Seas


  • Opals

    White base
    Fire opal