“World of Color” Communication System

Two years in development, this new color communication system, based on Munsell has  Covers for the World of Color bookover 1,400 colors in this master  comparison book of colors. Each of 40 pages has its own unique overlay chart, developed by color specialists and adapted for use in the jewelry industry by our own team of experts. The transparent overlay chart gives the name of the color. Also included is a gem crown and a supplemental book that will contain usage information along with extensive grading charts that will correlate the World of Color selections with the GemGuide pricing 1-10 grading scale. Now you can more accurately describe, grade, and price all colored gems.


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The samples shown here are not true to color, only to give an idea of what the pages will look like. The overlay page shown is a transparent sheet that will name the color for the user. Supplemental book will contain the grading numbers.

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