Other Verification Reports by Gemworld

Tanzanite Verification Report

For the tanzanite verification reports, Gemworld International verifies that the gems are tanzanite, measure them for proportions, and weigh them individually. Although naturally colored tanzanite does exist, it is very rare and generally not detectible as to its natural origin. Therefore, it is assumed that all tanzanite sold has been heat treated to attain the blue or puplish blue color. The treatment is necessary to attain the color and is considered to be permanent. All tanzanites are examined by our staff of graduate gemologists.









Emerald Verification Report

Emeralds are routinely enhanced to improve the visual appearance of small fissures that formed naturally during growth of the crystal. The process, which has been preformed for thousands of years, is commonly referred to as “oiling”. The process does not alter the natural green color of the gemstone. Although many substances have been used historically to enhance emerald such as oils, resins, waxes, and polymers, many were not stable. Today, some dealers still have preferences over which treatments they would prefer to have their emeralds treated with. The two important attributes about any emerald treatment is first, whether it is stable over time. By stable, we do not mean that it is necessarily permanent, as over time, the treatment may slightly dry out or leech out of the stone but this is normal and most likely can be retreated. The stability concern is with certain polymers that can actually turn color over time and be difficult to retreat. One product that is sometimes used to treat emeralds is called Excel. This is a stable, organic, colorless polymer specifically designed to enhance the unique properties of natural emeralds. Many of the Emerald Verification Reports that have been prepared by Gemworld International were for emeralds treated with this process. All emeralds are examined by our staff of graduate gemologists.


Jewelry Verification Report

Gemworld International will inspect jewelry and verify the representations made by the manufacturers. Since diamonds and colored gems are being inspected after they are set into the jewelry, exact weights cannot be measured. The jewelry listed on this card has been inspected for quality control by a qualified graduate gemologist. Any representations of gem weights, origin, or metal content is documented and guaranteed as accurate by the manufacturer. Gemworld International, Inc. quality control procedures will include select test analysis to verify these guarantees. Quality grades or color descriptions, when present, are the opinions of Gemworld International and their staff of gemologists.