Gem Appraisal Demos

This is a demostration of the GemGuide Appraisal Software used to create appraisals for the gem and jewelry industry.

Hi,I am Richard Drucker, Publisher of the GemGuide since 1982 and owner of the GemGuide Appraisal Software.

In the next few minutes, I am going to show you an amazing software product that is guaranteed to increase your appraisal profitability. Imagine being able to easily produce a professional appraisal document, such as the one shown here, in less than 5 minutes. This software offers speed and accuracy with built-in formulas and pricing.

When entering the Mount Description, easy dropdown lists are used. You can add your own words and phrases to the starter lists we give you to give you customize this software for your own needs. The software builds a Mount Description paragraph for you so you no longer have to type lengthy sentences.

All weight estimation formulas are built in so you never have to search for formulas.

On mounted gems, we even estimate the depth for you. All weight and depth measurements can be overwritten.

Next, enter the clarity, color and cut. If you are currently a subscriber to our GemGuide wholesale pricing service, this software will instantly price the diamond and gems for you. If you’re not subscribed, you would manually enter your own price here.

For those that wish to offer clients a grading report, this additional report can be created quickly with on-screen tools.

In just a few minutes the report is completed and printed. Here, the colored stone data entry screen is shown.
Again the built in formula is designed for speed and accuracy. Other modules allow you to enter pearls, opals and jade.
Entering information on colored gems is easy. Complete the 4 C’s as prompted by the software and a complete description is created for you.

Now the software will grade it for you and price it for you.

The prices shown here are wholesale, pending our final markups.

In the final valuation screen, the provided markups will suggest a retail value that you can accept or override with your own markups and values.

A single markup may be used for different markups and may be applied to different components of the jewelry item.

Select a digital image that you can take from any camera and you are ready to print.

Once completed, all the information will be conveniently stored in a searchable database.

So that’s it! GemGuide appraisal software is fast, easy and profitable. Let us Wow you by using it for all your appraisal needs.

There’s no doubt that this is jewelry appraising made easy.

If you’d like to see more, you can sign up for one of our online, live demos, or if you’re ready to start appraising better, simply proceed to checkout to order and get started today.

Thank you for joining me today and watching this brief demonstration. I will be glad to personally take your calls or emails if you would like to learn more or have any additional questions.