Gem Market Pulse February 2017

The U.S. colored stone trade expectations for the year 2017 shows are very upbeat.

An update on Chinese freshwater cultured pearl pricing…


Numbers indicate that online shopping had a significant rise during the holiday season compared to the previous year, while the retail sales were up 4%. This is a great sign for overall marketplace. Traditional retail business has been evolving towards online presence to support the business in general.

Consumer confidence fluctuated and uncertainty in major world economies resulted in 2-14-7336multicgrad-kings-ransompast slow years for many. It is often overlooked that retail is local but wholesalers contend with a worldwide market. As the consumer confidence grows, the colored stone buyers concentrate on the traditional varieties. The same buyers used to opt for unusual stones at more affordable price points to attract new clients during recession. Sapphire continues to be the top seller. As a color, blue was and continues to be the best seller. Sapphire, zircon, tourmaline, tanzanite, and aqua all were best sellers last year and headed into this year. Other popular gems include amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, peridot and tourmaline. Red spinel is gaining more popularity. In….

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