Gem Market Pulse August 2017

Typical summertime business in the gem market

Featured Gem: Irradiated Diamond

Dealers are cautiously optimistic about coming holiday season while experiencing the typical summertime business after better than expected Hong Kong Show in June. East Africa continues to be the main supplier for the fine colored gemstones. Governments of gem producing countries in East Africa are increasingly aware of their valuable assets. They are enacting regulations aimed at the benefits of these sources. Some regulations in these countries create difficulties for gem trading. The unintended consequences are higher cost of producing in highly competitive markets. For example; export loyalties in Tanzania are now appreciably higher than the neighboring gem producing countries.

Garnets of all colors, tourmaline and zircons are positioned to do well by the end of the year going into the New Year. The consumer seem to be excited and eager about new and uncommon gems in general, therefore the buyers are willing to offer the unusual. The disappointing side, however, is the very soft market in the price range of $2,000 to $5,000 while the low and high ends of the market are strong.

Irradiated Diamonds
Long before the dangers of radiation exposure on human health were discovered, researchers of radioactivity were fascinated by this new marvel at the beginning of the 20th century. They were experimenting the effects of radioactivity and some of…

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