Poster Session

World of Gems Conference V will be hosting a poster session for the first time. The session is sponsored by GIA and will create more opportunities for sharing information in a visually pleasing way. All industry members are welcome to submit and students in particular are encouraged to present a research subject in the session.

An Opportunity to win free attendance to the conference!

In order to support gemology and jewelry related studies for the poster session, Gemworld International would like to invite all the poster presenters to a competition. Following your submission of your completed poster by July 31, 2017, the conference committee will select the top 3 posters based on their originality, quality of study and presentation. The author of the three winning posters will be given a free attendance to the conference. Only one person per poster will be awarded, if it is a group study.

All posters will be available for viewing during both days of the conference on Saturday and Sunday. Presenters are encouraged to be available to discuss their poster subject during the designated breaks. However, if you are not available to attend the conference we will post your work for you. Posters will also be reproduced in the post conference abstract book that will be distributed to attendees and other industry members (approximately 4,000 total distribution) so there will be great exposure of your work.

What is expected from a poster?

The purpose of a poster is to present a summary of the research in written format aided by graphics and illustrations as appropriate. A clean, well laid-out and easy-to-read poster is a great way of presenting a subject.

The conference committee recommends the following suggestions to assist presenters in successfully conveying their information with consideration of the broad range experience of the conference attendees. Historically, the attendees of the World of Gems Conference are appraisers, collectors, curators, designers, gemologists, journalists, retail jewelers, wholesale dealers and students. This diverse population means that poster presentations covering a broad range of topics will find an interested audience! Posters should be prepared with this audience in mind.

To achieve this consider including the following:

  • • A statement identifying the subject or problem addressed
  • • A statement about why you studied the proposed subject
  • • An explanation of the research and your conclusions
  • • Include illustrations that aid the viewer to understand the information

How to create your poster

Your poster must be printed on a 44 x 36 inch (112 x 91cm) paper positioned either vertical or horizontal. A PDF should be submitted prior to production for approval and possible suggestions. The cost of production is your responsibility. Gemworld can provide assistance in production if required. Although the cost is not covered by Gemworld, financial consideration may be available, particularly to students in need. Please inquire.

The following points should be incorporated in your poster design;

    • • Lots of white space.
    • • Text and images are aligned and evenly spaced.
    • • Limited use of color (Do not use any more than 3 colors).
    • • A bar, line or use of color at the section header.
    • • The word count should not exceed 400 words.
    • • Attractive, easy-to-read fonts such as Helvetica. Sans serif fonts (e.g. Helvetica) usually look better than serif fonts (e.g. Cambria) on posters. Following font sizes are highly recommended;
      Title: 85pt, Authors: 56pt, Sub-headings: 36pt, Body text: 24pt, Captions: 18pt. Remember, that attendees will be viewing your work from several feet away.
    • • Minimal use of outlines, boxes, color backgrounds, gradients.
    • • Lots of photos and figures (Jpeg or png are better than PDF images).
    • • You may have a look at some sample posters CLICK HERE
    • • You may contact Dr. Cigdem Lule at for more specific questions and help.
    • • There are many templates available on internet. The following websites are very helpful for understanding and designing scientific posters.

Click the pdf icon to download a complete list of all the details


How to submit your poster for consideration

Please fill the required fields and simply click on the link below to upload and submit your poster. All posters need to be submitted in English and pdf format by July 31, 2017 for consideration.

The results will be announced by August 14, 2017

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    • • I understand that the award does not include travel, hotel, or other associated expenses with the WOGC V.